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BeeS: the new frontier of security Made in Italy
Published by Communication Office in Business · 8 November 2021
Tags: BeesSecurity
It took over 24 months of development but today the time has finally come to unveil the new BeeS, the new intelligent system for the protection of any type of fence.
We invite you to read the press release sent out this morning and visit the web page dedicated to BeeS or contact us.

BeeS is the only system currently on the market designed to protect all types of fences, from those that are extremely rigid and low, as in the case of a small residential environment, to those that are lighter, flexible or high.
The system can be used to control sensor-chains installed at the base of the poles for the detection of signals on very rigid fences, or in the centre of the panels in the case of more flexible fences or manage sections of microphonic cable to allow the installer and the end user the greatest possible flexibility in the management of the eight alarm channels.
Thanks to complex machine learning algorithms, BeeS is able to adapt to the specific conditions of each site ensuring, in any situation, maximum detection performance and minimizing improper alarms.

  • Easy to      install
  • High computing power      for excellent signal analysis
  • Maximum real alarm      detection performance (>99%)      
  • Very high degree of discrimination      of improper alarms (FAR<1%)
  • Attractive      and discreet design: thanks      to its small size, the appearance of the fence is not altered
  • BeeS is the only      perimeter system to combine two sensor technologies (piezoelectric      and microphone) in a single analyser.       
  • Possibility to easily      select different degrees of sensitivity on different types of fences on      the same perimeter.
  • Flexible, simple to install, reliable, precise and extremely convenient both in terms of investment and management costs.


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