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Ten interesting facts about bees to discover the new BeeS
Published by Communication Office in Business · 27 August 2021
Tags: Beessecurity
We decided to share some thoughts on bees with you. Why? If you regularly follow us you know that our Research & Development department is working on a new project: the BeeS, in fact.

However, unfortunately the R&D colleagues still do not want yet to share any information with us on this product. Therefore, we decided to try and find out on our own what lies behind this particular and quite peculiar name, by studying the small insect whose name the new product bears.

Bees play a fundamental role for mankind to survive and, therefore, also for our health and safety. Below we share ten curiosities about this hard-working insect. Who knows if, hidden among these, there are clues related to the BeeS...

  1. There are over 25,000 known species of bees in the world.
  2. The pollination work of bees is one of the main drivers of natural biodiversity.
  3. Bees can recognize any intruding bees using their sense of smell, securing the perimeter of their hive even several meters away.
  4. Bees are very intelligent creatures: this is proven by the perfectly geometric structure of their hives.
  5. Bees can perform even arduous calculations: for example, they can calculate the shortest route to visit the greatest number of flowers.
  6. Bees learn from experience and can pass on their knowledge from older to younger generations.
  7. Bees do not attack if they are not attacked: theirs can be said to be a form of passive security.
  8. Bees are tireless workers: a single colony pollinates an area equal to 4000 football fields.
  9. Bee venom is used to treat more than 500 human diseases.
  10. Bees, with their work, are an integral part of natural food security systems.


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