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RBS - Infrared Barriers

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RBS – Infrared system
The beams are self-programmable and there is no need to set any dip switches for beam alignment. On power-up, the barrier is ready to operate or to go into alignment mode by automatically recognizing the rays present.

Internal and external perimeter, over the walls, Access gates protection

RBS ™ is available in the 70, 120 and 200mt version

From 1m up to 3m.

Smart antimasking. Bundles with single scan, crossed adjacent or multiple. Flexible and convenient thanks to the availability of different models depending on the distance to be covered. Ease of alignment.
RBS ™ is a SMART ANTIMASK barrier with long range external microprocessor for anti-intrusion systems, with adjustable optics, particularly suitable for perimeter protections. SMART ANTIMASK The SMART ANTIMASK function protects the barrier from possible blinding attacks. Usually by placing a transmitter between the TX and the relative RX, a passage is obtained between the two TXs that allows the intrusion without generating any type of alarm. The Smart Antimask function constantly analyzes the received signal by discriminating the random disturbances normally present on the systems from modulated and / or saturating signals. Based on various parameters, it "decides" whether to ignore these signals or to signal the "MASK" alarm via the appropriate output on the terminal board.

RBS ™ is available in mono optic version with 70mt range, double optic with 120mt range and optical panels with range up to 200mt.

- STRAIGHT BEAMS: each receiver reads only the beam of the relative transmitter therefore it is possible to install the TX and RX columns at a very close distance
- ADJACENT CROSSED BEAMS: the rays become much denser since each receiver reads, in addition to the radius of the relative transmitter, also that of the previous and following transmitter
- MULTIPLE SCAN: each receiver scans the beams of all the transmitters In 6-beam barriers it is possible to climb over small differences in level of the ground by reversing the detection order of the beams.

- Straight, crossed and multiple scanned beams.
- Antimask.
- Range 70, 120 and 200 meters.
- Programmable crossing times for single beam.
- Synchronization via cable.



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P.IVA IT00473450070 | Cod.Fiscale e num. Iscrizione Reg. Impr. Aosta n.00473450070 | REA Aosta n.43618 |
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