Some first clues about the BeeS

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Some first clues about the BeeS
Pubblicato da Communication Office in Commerciale · 12 Ottobre 2021
Tags: #BeeS#PerimeterProtection
Have you already read the interview to Pietro and Marco Capula published on “FS News”? If you missed it, do not despair, you can find it at this link.

In this very article, you can discover some clues about BeeS, the new perimeter security system engineered and produced by GPS Standard. These traces are not hidden between the lines of the article, but in a photograph.
We are referring to the BeeS programming software that can be seen on the computer screen behind our President. The new graphic interface has been designed to facilitate set-up operations, while powerful analysis algorithms allow the different types of signals to be classified with absolute reliability, distinguishing between bypassing, breaking through or cutting the fence and, at the same time, eliminating signals due to surroundings or to crossing of small animals.

Thanks to complex machine learning algorithms, BeeS can adapt to the specific conditions of each site ensuring, in any situation, maximum detection performances and minimizing improper alarms.


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