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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy
This website uses cookies and other similar technologies to offer you a better experience by speeding up navigation and making it more secure. In this section we explain what these technologies are and why they are used (for example to start a browsing session, save your preferences, customize the content that we will show you and display the most relevant ads).
The collected data will never be transferred to any third parties and will be used always and only for the technical functionality of this web site.

What are cookies?
Cookies are files that are sent to your browser and are installed on the terminal from which you are browsing for the purpose of saving information that can be retrieved in later times.
This type of technology is essential for the correct functioning, integrity, availability and relevance of the contents of this website and offer you significant advantages in relation to the services offered, facilitate navigation and usability.
Cookies cannot read any information contained within your terminal nor can they create damage or modify the information within it.

What type of cookies does this website use
Our site does not use any type of analytical cookies for marketing profiling purposes.



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