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CPS Plus - perimeter protection system
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CPS Plus - Microphonic cable System
Cavo Microfonico
The microphone cable analyzes the mechanical stresses caused by intrusion attempts such as drilling, cutting, climbing over, lifting fences and perimeter walls.

Structures such as mesh fences, concrete and brick walls, roofs and conduits.

From 10m up to 4x300m (Stand Alone)/38.4 Km (Multiplex).

Max 300 meters per channel (up to 4). Double loop of max 150m per channel if the fence exceeds 2 meters in height.

Easy to install on fences, walls or roofs. Digital signal analysis with recognition and categorization of the different types of intrusion, which makes detection extremely reliable. Low costs.

CPS ™ Plus, Cable Perimeter System, is a microphone cable perimeter protection system that represents the evolution of the traditional CPS ™ system. It is based on a microprocessor with DSP technology, capable of performing the analysis of the signals in the time and frequency domain in an extremely accurate way. During operation, the system is able to discriminate different types of recurrent environmental signals from alarm signals. The signals generated by the microphone cable are automatically compared with those previously stored during system setup. Based on the type and duration of the signal received, the system recognizes the signal and, when necessary, activates the alarm.

CPS ™ Plus is available in Stand-Alone USB and Stand-Alone COM115 versions, for a maximum protection of 600 m (two 300 m zones or four 150 m zones) and in Multiplex version for a maximum protection of 38.4 Km with a single perimeter control unit (MIND ™).
The architecture allows the connection of up to 64 MIND ™ units.

The operation of the CPS ™ Plus system is based on the detection by the microphone cable of all the mechanical stresses produced by an intrusion attempt such as climbing, lifting or cutting the net.

These stresses produce deformations of the microphone cable itself, which, for a piezoelectric effect, translates them into electrical signals.
The DSP analyzer provides enormous computing power and therefore allows the implementation of Fourier Transforms, Digital Filters and more. It is able to manage two or four distinct areas (channels) of 300 meters each separately, if the signal exceeds the preset threshold, after subsequent comparisons between the set system parameters, it generates a possible alarm or pre-alarm anomaly.
Depending on the conformation of the perimeter and the degree of sensitivity to be obtained, the distribution of the cable can take on different configurations.

The system can be connected to any type of alarm control panel and, during the installation of the system, using a personal computer it is possible to adjust the operating parameters.

- Signal processing in the time domain.
- Signal processing in the frequency domain.
- Combined time-frequency processing.
- Use of masks to characterize and recognize the signals detected by the sensors.
- Detection of signal energy levels (spectral analysis).
- Cataloging by categories of signal energy matrices.
- There are 8 local inputs and 8 relay outputs (optional).
- Local registrations.
- Self-calibration.
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