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Perimeter protections

All over the world and in particular in the areas of greater risk, we protect against sabotage, vandalism and various forms of attack on industrial sites; we ensure the safety of people in classified areas with a high risk of explosion; we monitor and manage production sites and industrial processes.
Our solutions have been chosen worldwide for their reliability even in particularly difficult areas and in extreme environmental conditions.
Sensitive sites par excellence to which specific characteristics apply, such as extreme climatic and operational conditions, with particularly high risks for personnel safety. All of which necessarily requires a very attentive risk analysis and sophisticated design to ensure an accurate choice of technologies and related equipment, so as to guarantee the reliability of an efficient and effective systems.
The most sophisticated integrated technologies are needed, such as video surveillance with intelligent image analysis, to detect "anomalous" errors, combined with access controls systems with multiple levels of credentials, including fingerprint verification or facial recognition.
Our solutions have been chosen for their reliability even in particularly difficult environments and in extreme conditions.
Wide and long experience gained in this sector has led us to the realization of the "Secure Villa" proposal which includes the most advanced security systems for the protection of villas, castles and VIP residences. Our technicians, in collaboration with installers and dealers, specifically study the spesific needs of the user and design made-to-measure security systems.
Products for external perimeter protection and systems for the configuration and display which allow the design of customised applications.
Protezioni Invisibili
The invisible perimeter protection systems can be installed below ground level and, therefore, are absolutely unsabotable as they cannot be identified and cannot be tampered with. They guarantee the highest protection without altering the appearance of the site.
Protezioni associate a recinzioni
The fence-mounted perimeter protection systems detect the stresses caused to the fence, to which they are installed, due to an attempted intrusion.
Protezioni a struttura autoportante
This type of system does not require the installation of specific structures, because they can be integrated into existing structures or constitute a self-supporting protection.



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