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FIPRO - New! - distributed acoustic sensor (DAS) system
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FIPRO - fibre optic distributed sensor system
DAS System con Intelligenza artificiale
FIPRO™ is a security system that uses optical fibre and Artificial Intelligence for the protection of long distances such as gas pipelines, cable ducts, borders or airports.

FIPRO™ uses the optical fibre as a diffuse acoustic sensor (DAS) over distances of up to 100 km and multiples, being able to exploit also existing fibres used for data communication: the system measures the acoustic disturbances along the fibre and these signals are sent to the Artificial Intelligence, installed on a local server, which reprocesses them by accessing a set of over 130,000 data.

Protection of large perimeters such as ports, airports, power plants or for long distances such as cable ducts, oil and gas pipelines and borders.

Up to 100km in the FIP-50D version.

FIPRO™ has an accuracy of about 10 meters and allows you to create a number of virtual zones with a minimum distance of 10 meters. Each zone can have its own calibration sensitivity and time slots.

FIPRO™ can be installed on fences and buried for perimeter protection and adjacent to pipelines for their protection. The use of Artificial Intelligence also allows the cataloguing of numerous simultaneous events along the entire length of the fibre, discriminating false alarms or background noises (such as meteorological precipitations) from real alarms.

FIPRO™ is a fibre optic perimeter protection system that makes most of DAS (distributed acoustic sensing system) technology and Artificial Intelligence and can be used to protect large distances and large perimeters in a flexible and reliable way. The laser sends pulses that are transmitted through the optical fibre and, exploiting the impurities naturally present in the fibre itself, it analyses and monitors the area in real time. The FIPRO™ firmware is based on Deep Learning algorithms that allow filtering and classifying events and also predicting the acoustic scene of the environment and therefore eliminating background noise. Our DL model was developed through a set of over 130,000 data, collected from the field and labeled with a large investment in man-hours. The dual channel versions also offer redundancy functionality which allows the system to continue working even when the fiber is interrupted.

FIPRO™ available in four versions:
  • 10km single line
  • 50km single line
  • 30km double line
  • 50km double line

The FIPRO™ analyser detects the differences between the signal sent by the laser and the signals back-scattered by the impurities normally present along the fibre cable.

These reflected laser pulses are measured by the FIPRO™ analyser using COTDR technology. When the system is running, the wavelength of the reflection remains the same as the original pulses, only changing due to an external disturbance such as an intrusion, trespass or sabotage.
The system can be connected to any type of alarm control unit and, during installation of the system, the operating parameters can be adjusted using a personal computer, tablet and smartphone.

The fiber optic cable is the sensitive part of the FIPRO™ system and works as a distributed acoustic sensor (DAS) because it is particularly sensitive to the acoustic stresses produced during intrusion and sabotage attempts. In fact, this type of effect alters the diffusion of light waves along the fibre optic cable.

This technology sends thousands of pulses per second and the variations (acoustic or vibration) are instantly measured by the FIPRO™ analyzer thanks to the Artificial Intelligence inside.
FIPRO™ can also use existing fiber optic cables, such as FO communication cables, Ethernet network, etc.

- DAS technology.
- COTDR technology.
- Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.
- Signal sampling.
- 4 meters accuracy (10S version).
- Cataloging by categories of signal energy matrices.
- Native integration with CCTV.
- Local registrations.
- Self-calibration.


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