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Infrared barriers - IPS
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IPS – Infrared system
Triggers an alarm when the beam between transmitter and receiver is disrupted. Can be calibrated to AND or OR, has integrated heating and adjustable response time

Internal and external perimeter, over the walls, Access gates protection

Up to 250m external use (Stand Alone) / up to 32Km with a single MIND unit (Multiplex).

From 0,5m up to 4m.

Time multiplexing (elimination of interference using “one by one” beam switching for each column), Detection of beam masking (autocheck of masking before switching on Rx and Tx) Automatic gain control and automatic power adjustment(up to 4 time signal amplification when low visibility), Differentiated programming of alarm threshold (field crossing time for each beam), Easy alignment.
IPS™, Infrared Perimeter System is a perimeter protection used for both internal and external applications to protect properties and access gates. It is based on beams with automatic power adjustments on TX modules and automatic control gain on RX modules; this allow to reduce any kind of interferences. As it is based on microprocessor technology, thanks to intelligent analysis of the received signal, it can eliminate false alarms due to cells masking attempts. IPS™ is resistant to weather conditions such as rain, snow, hail. In case of reduced visibility, due to fog, heavy rain, snow, the system triggers an automatic control gain in order to restore the optimal level of received light. When this is not possible, the concentrator disables the beam generating a disqualification alarm; normal operation is automatically restored when normal visibility is achieved. Each barrier can manage up to 16 beams in three different configurations: single beam, AND of two beams, AND of three beams.

IPS™ is available as a Stand-Alone version, for maximum protection of 250 mt internal and 200 mt external, and in Multiplex version, for maximum protection of 32 Km (internal) or 25.6 km (external), with a single perimeter control unit (MIND™). The architecture allows interconnection of up to 64 MIND™ units.

The concentrator, which can be connected up to a maximum of 16 single-beam receivers, sends commands, via the sync cable, to turn on the transmitters connected to the synchronizer. Simultaneously, it enables the receiver corresponding to a particular transmitter. The concentrator processes the light pulses received from the various connected cells. If the beam between TX and RX is interrupted, for the pre-set crossing time, it generates an alarm. The maximum capacity of the IPS 6000 series is 250mt internal and 200mt external, and 200mt internal and 150mt external for 4000 series.

- Time multiplexing: beam switching in “one by one” mode.
- Automatic Control Gain.
- Automatic Power Adjustment.
- Crossing times programmable for each individual beams.
- Connection to serial bus COM115 “Concentrator/ MIND”.
- Cable Synchronization.
- Different beams configurations: single, AND.
- Micrometric orientation (horizontal/vertical).
- Range 150, 200 (250 internal).


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