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MILES for fences - perimeter protection system
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MILES – Fibre optic system for fences
Miles in fibra ottica
By using optical interferometrics technology it detects all the intrusion attempts such as climbing, butting or the breaking through of a fence; sabotage attempts on pipelines and approaching of intruders in the buried version. The FO cable (single mode 9/125) when subject to mechanical stress (pressure, vibration, motion) changes the transmission characteristics of the coherent light inside the fiber giving the alarm.

Fences, Pipelines, Conduits, Terrain strips

Modular system: from 100m up to 2km

Up to 256 zones. Alarm point approximation on the total length of perimeter: +/- 1% of the total lenght.

No power supply on the field required. Digital signal analysis with programmable pattern recognition. Filters and masks to change sensibility for every zone. Not affected by electromagnetic disturbs and lightening. Not affected by weather conditions. Point of intrusion with precision of few meteres. Existing spare fibers can be used
MILES™ is a protection system for pipelines and burying.
It uses a fibre optic cable to detects all intrusion attempts, such as: climbing, cutting or breaching of the fence. It has a very high detection capability, being totally unaffect by electromagnetic interference and atmospheric conditions.
The fibre optic technology guarantees the detection of perimeter trespass along ver y extended distances (up to 4 km, for each analyser) with the identification of the trespassing point. The area where the trespass occurs is identified with an accuracy of a few meters.

MILES™ for fences is available in the following versions:
- with sensitive length of max 1 Km
- with sensitive length of max 2 Km
- with sensitive length of max 4 Km

The fibre optic cable is subjected to mechanical stress caused by stimuli, such as pressure, vibration and motion, which changes the transmission characteristics of the light inside the fibre.

The change is minimal, but with a source of coherent light obtained with laser diodes and sophisticated amplifier and processing systems, a signal that can be processed can be obtained.

The careful analysis of the signal and the ability to change, using a calibration and monitoring software, specific parameters that determine the system operation, give this product excellent performance characteristics.

- Signal processing in the time domain.
- Signal processing in the frequency domain.
- Combined frequency-time processing.
- Use of masks to characterize and recognize signals sent by sensors.
- Detection of signal energy levels (spectrum analysis).
- Listing per category of signal energy matrixes.
- Local recording, selfcalibration.


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