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PPS Plus - perimeter protection system
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PPS – System with crossing point detection
Analizzatore Interrato
The system registers pressure changes in the terrain’s surface when it detects running, jumping, driving, etc.

In all surface areas and underneath sand, grass, pebbles, paving, asphalt etc.

From 10m to 400/800m (Stand Alone) / 12.8 Km (Multiplex). The detection strip is about 3 metres wide (6m with a particular configuration).From 10m to 200m (Stand Alone) / 12.8 Km (Multiplex). The detection strip is about 3 metres wide.

A maximum of 5 (Stand Alone) to 20 (Multiplex) per 200m.

Invisible and undetectable, unaffected by the weather and small animals. Works also in hilly terrain and in special applications (e.g. indoor). Low and inexpensive maintenance. Aesthetically pleasing.
PPS™, Perimeter Position System, represents the evolution of the traditional GPS® Plus system. This is also based on pressure difference detection. The innovative feature of PPS system is the ability to determine the crossing point of the protected strip with a maximum resolution of ± 5 mt, giving detection of a maximum of 20 crossing zones, distributed over 200 mt of protection, obtained with a pair of sensors. The length and number of zones can be configured using the management software. PPS™ can be easily interfaced with an integrated video surveillance system with mobile cameras that automatically display the crossing point for video-monitoring of the event. The system electronics is designed with a DSP microprocessor with exceptional processing and signal analysis power. The signal from the sensor is analysed in the time and frequency domains, distinguishing common events from real alarms. The signals from sensors are stored in an archive with a time interval before and after the alarm. The type of analysis carried out on signals from sensors ensures high immunity to environmental and atmospheric events, making this system suitable for installation in sites subject to particular interference, such as proximity to railways, roads with heavy traffic or high traffic density. The system is passive and, therefore, not detectable.

PPS™ is available as a Stand-Alone version, for maximum protection of 200 mt, and in Multiplex version, for maximum protection of 12.8 Km, with a single perimeter control unit (MIND™). The architecture allows interconnection of up to 64 MIND™ units.

PPS™ is based on the detection of a difference in pressure between two tubes laid down and buried along the perimeter to be protected, then filled with a liquid that allows operation even at low temperatures (antifreeze) and properly pressurized. Crossing the sensitive strip generates a pressure difference between the tubes; this is detected by a special transducer and the signal thus obtained is analysed; any alarm condition is sent to the control centre. At the same time, the DSP analyser processes the signals coming from the two sensors located at the ends of the sensitive area, and defines the exact crossing point.

Furthermore, the system can store signals generated before and after the event and then review them later. The ability to calibrate the sensitivity of each section independently allows the system to be adapted to the particular characteristics of each individual installation.

PPS™ intelligent components are self-protected by a "watch dog" system; in case of shutdown, this will automatically restore normal operation. This system can be combined with other protection systems (perimeter, indoor sensors, CCTV, access control, fire systems) and it can be centralized with flexible solutions for any requirement and application.

- Signal processing in the time domain.
- Signal processing in the frequency domain.
- Combined frequency-time processing.
- Use of masks to characterize and recognize signals sent by sensors.
- Detection of signal energy levels (spectrum analysis).
- Listing per category of signal energy matrixes.
- 2 local inputs and 2 relay outputs available (underground version).
- Identification of the crossing point.
- Local recording.
- Self-calibration.
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