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RADAR Basement - perimeter protection system
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RADAR BLADE – Electromagnetic waves system
RADAR Micronda
Based on CHIRP Radar technology, the system detects volume change in the generated reflective field.

Perimeter, Access control.

From 12m to 120m.

Up to 10 zones per radar (Crossing point version).

Transmitter and Receiver antennas in one console. Zoning-reflective technology (able/desable , direction of crossing options). Up to 3 simultaneous crossings can be detected. Auto-learning of the environment. All wiring is centred in one location. Aesthetically pleasing.
RADAR BLADE™ is a perimeter protection system realized with microwave volumetric sensors based on CHIRP RADAR effect.
It is a high performance system that creates an invisible barrier using the electromagnetic waves beamed along the protected perimeter.
RADAR BLADE™ is the development of the RADAR system, introducing improved characteristics relevant the analysis and the width of the detector beam.
Respect to the standard intrusion detection systems based on the doppler effect, having the intrinsic limit to detect only the speed of the intruder, RADAR BLADE™, is able to detect, with the Cross Technology, any kind of crossing of its sensitivity area and it can also indicate exactly the crossing point with an accuracy of 1m in any weather or light condition.

The barrier is really narrow with a width of the beam around 4 metres on the horizontal plane with a pre-alarm zone 1 meter on the right and 1 meter on the left of the centre line of the beam. Alarm signal is generated with the actual crossing of the centre line of the beam. On the vertical plane the beam reach around 10m of height.

Horizontal plane

Vertical plane

There are two versions available, depending on the length of the barrier to be created: 80 and 120 meters. Both versions are available in Stand-Alone and Multiplex configuration.

The RADAR BLADE™ electronics is realized with a DSP microprocessor, with exceptional processing power and signals analysis. These characteristics allow the RADAR BLADE™ to distinguish a real intruder from the environmental noise, offering an extraordinary detection capability, accompanied by great capacity to reject the false alarms. The system can detect, with a probability greater than 99%, human intruders (with a weight >20Kg) crossing the protected area, with any movement and a speed beetween 0.02m/s and 18m/s.

- It offers a modern and elegant design and it can be perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment, as a light fixture.
- The shape and dimensions of the detection field make RADAR BLADE™ particularly suitable to protect both areas completely free from obstacles and irregular shaped areas, even in the presence of fixed obstables.
- It is particularly suitable for public and private contexts that require compliance with certain aesthetic rules but that meet, at the same time, the needs for protective measures of people and properties, through not identifiable security system.
- Ability to create a RADAR BLADE™ sensors network tomeet all installation requirements. Detection of the crossing point (Cross Technology) with an accuracy of one meter.
- This feature allows to enable other local devices such as, for example, speed dome cameras to capture the specific alarm image with extreme precision.
- Different scenarios for sensibility and direction for any zone which can be activated by a simple triggering of the auxiliary inputs embedded in the sensor.
- Integration with the video surveillance system that can enable PTZ cameras to be moved directly to display the intruder.
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