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WPS - perimeter protection system
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WPS – Sensitive Wire System
Wires connected to special sensory poles detect unusual movement in the fence and form a physical barrier.

Can be used over or behind existing fences / walls or as a barrier on its own.

Modular system. 300m of wire for every sensor, hence the lenght of the zone depends on its height. 25,6 Km with one MIND unit (assuming 6 wire lines interspaced 15cm one another).

Per 50 metres with proper installation.

Phisical and sensible barrier in one system. Automatic control of the sensibility (on the concentrator). Not affected by animals or weather.
WPS™, Wire Perimeter System, self-standing system, is a real perimeter barrier consisting of sensitive wires, positioned about 15 cm apart, supported by support poles placed along the entire route about 2.5 to 3.0 mt apart, fastened to 2 terminal poles.
The barrier thus formed is sensitive to cutting or wire separation, resulting from a possible intrusion attempt.
WPS™ is a modular system that allows protection of any size and shape of the perimeter. It can be installed also over or behind preexisting boundary walls.

WPS™ is available as a Stand-Alone version, for maximum protection of 2,400 mt, and in Multiplex version, for maximum protection of 153 Km, with a single perimeter control unit (MIND™). The architecture allows interconnection of up to 64 MIND™ units.

WPS™ is based on the electro-constriction property and is sensitive at every point of its length. The active part is a cable with steel central core. Its special characteristics make it sensitive to any act of sabotage. As a result of mechanical stress, the cable generates an electrical signal due to the motion between the cable core and the dielectric; this signal is pre-amplified locally and transmitted to a control unit that analyzes it intelligently, with a resulting alarm signal. The microprocessor unit can discriminate any signals due to weather events - such as wind, hail, rain, thermal effects - from alarms generated by a real intrusion.

- Modular system.
- Max 300 mt-long wire per area.
- Real physical barrier.
- Detection of mechanical stress.
- It can be installed also over or behind pre=existing fencing or walls.
- Resistant to low temperatures.
- Customized sensitivity calibration per zone.


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